A Good Farmer

BY Sharyn Rothstein

American Theater Group

January 2018



"...expertly directed by Kel Haney, it is an outstanding production that raises awareness of matters that immigrants and family farmers face in our country. See it and talk about it. This is an important piece of theatre." 

- Mariana Kennedy, Broadway World

"Director Kel Haney has also beautifully guided both Withers and Lawson through their multiple roles as (s)he also steers this provocative play to a satisfying and surprising conclusion."

- Simon Saltzman, CurtainUp



Director: Kel Haney

Playwright: Sharyn Rothstein

Scenic Desiger: Lianne Arnold

Lighting Designer: Daisy Long

Costume Designer: Summer Lee Jack

Sound Designer: Emily Auciello

Props Master: Christen Donlon

Production Stage Manager: Stephanie M. Holmes

Assistant Stage Manager: Kristen Tunney

Technical Director: Ben Merrick

Production Director: Jeffrey Rosolen

Sound Engineer: Robert Cruz

Featuring: Janice Amaya, Todd Lawson, Brenda Withers, & Ariel Woodiwiss

Photography: Lianne Schoenwisner