A Good Farmer

American Theater Group

January 2018

"...expertly directed by Kel Haney, it is an outstanding production that raises awareness of matters that immigrants and family farmers face in our country. See it and talk about it. This is an important piece of theatre." - Mariana Kenndedy, Broadway World

"Director Kel Haney has also beautifully guided both Withers and Lawson through their multiple roles as (s)he also steers this provocative play to a satisfying and surprising conclusion." - Simon Saltzman, CurtainUP


Foster Mom

Premiere Stages

September 2017

"Meticulously directed by Kel Haney."

"Entertaining and significant new play."

"Foster Mom is a play that will inspire essential conversations about social responsibility, attitudes about race, and the role of motherhood." - Mariana Kennedy, BWW Review

"Foster Mom sheds light on the tremendous need for a child to find a loving home."

"Sure [and] fast paced." - Liz Keill, Liz On Theatre


A Woman

59E59 Theater

July - September, 2017

"Haney's direction keeps us intrigued and visually interested throughout." - Tania Fisher, Stagebuddy

"Executed with insight, humor, and refreshing brevity." - Hayley Levitt, TheaterMania

"Directed with understatement by Kel Haney, A Woman shows a significant debate over dogma unfolding calmly over coffee."

"A staid, thoughtful examination of what fighting for one's beliefs looks like on a quotidian scale, and how little cracks can eventually take down walls." -Jacob Horn, CurtainUP


What Happens in Vegas

59E59 Theater

January - February 2017

"Smart, funny, and surprising, with a refreshing twist." - Ross, Times Square Chronicles

"What Happens in Vegas is cleverly written and well realized by Kel Haney...It's easy to imagine another director using nudity or more graphic depictions of sex to discomfort the audience, but Haney and the actors keep the focus on the characters, effectively." - Jacob Horn, CurtainUp

"Kel Haney gets excellent work from (the) actors." - David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

"This cleverly crafted show has a series of humorous moments that make it a uniquely entertaining theatrical piece." - Marina Kennedy, Broadway World

"What Happens in Vegas is the first play of the evening which sets up the other one-acts with its comedic pacing and fine execution." - Carole Di Tosti, Theater Pizzazz

"The first, and the cleverest, is the new LaBute work, titled What Happens in Vegas." - Howard Miller, Talkin' Broadway


Water By The Spoonful

Premiere Stages

July 14 - 31, 2016

“The exceptional Pulitzer-Prize winning play by Quiara Alegria Hudes features excellent direction by Kel Haney and a very accomplished troupe of actors.”
Marina Kennedy, Broadway World.Com

“The acting and staging were superb.” - Ruth Ross, NJ Arts Maven

“Haney brings the play to vivid life by starting on a completely empty stage with the audience seated in tiers on two sides.” - Simon Saltzman, CurtainUp

“Haney's intimate and moving production at Premiere Stages succeeds in invoking that same sentiment without drifting into mawkishness.” - Patrick Maley | For NJ Advance Media

"Water by the Spoonful won a Pulitzer and then received a ballyhooed production in Manhattan, but it was done better this year in Union at Premiere Stages. Director Kel Haney embraced the intimacy of the show's small space in order to accentuate the troubling conflicts afflicting the play's damaged characters." - Patrick Maley I For NJ Advance Media



Black Lab Theatre, an Ars Nova Fling

April 26 - May 21, 2016

“They're directed with understanding and skill by Kel Haney.” - David Finkle, The Huffington Post

"Under Kel Haney’s tactical direction, Crude challenges audiences to consider what is worth fighting for. This dark comedy boldly makes a statement about the struggle of staying true to one’s identity and values – and how failing to do so can be the reason one's life goes up in flames." - Courtney Marie, Stage Buddy

The Approval Matrix: Week of May 16, 2016 - New York Magazine


Glenburn 12 WP

59E59 Theater

July - August 2015

“Vickie Ramirez’s “Glenburn 12WP”... develops admirably and ends implausibly.”

“Under Kel Haney’s direction, the characters and actors eventually achieve a nice rapport.” - ALEXIS SOLOSKI, New York Times

“Kel Hanley’s adroit Direction gives each person physical attitude. The piece is well paced to allow for on stage thought.” - Alix Cohen, Playing Around, Woman Around Town

“Glenburn 12 WP is a powerful tale that reveals character while creating social commentary.” - Arpita Mukherjee, Stage Buddy

“Vickie Ramirez’ Glenburn 12 WP, on the other hand, does mystify, and not with what it leaves out, but with the way in which its story unravels.” - Meg Gibson, Our Theatre Blog TandBOnTheAisle


The Way We Get By

American Theater Group

February 3 - 16, 2016

"Excellent new play...Smart, sexy and funny...The Way We Get By is a modern love story that is refreshing and appealing. Anyone who has dealt with passion and romance will relish seeing this show. It is a universal story of people's desire to love and be loved." - Marina Kennedy,

"The whole truth comes out, eventually, in this taut, 90-minute, two-person play, written by Neil LaBute and directed by Kel Haney. Because the exact nature of Doug and Beth’s relationship is not revealed immediately — and because Clem and Mete manage to make them seem like such a likable, albeit neurotic pair — we hang on every word, trying to figure it out. Trying to figure them out, too." - JAY LUSTIG, NJ Arts


THE ELEPHANT IN EVERY ROOM I ENTER                                                  La MaMa

October 2014

"Last month, I went to La Mama to check out The Elephant in Every Room I Enter, a performance piece starring the actor and dance Gardiner Comfort. The story was unusual, in that its subject was Tourette's syndrome - a condition Comfort was born with. In the course of the well-put-together show - there was nothing self-indulgent about it - Comfort described going to a Tourette's conference in Washington, D.C., an occasion he illustrated with a level of care that was striking, not least because the performance was devoid of sentimentality. Comfort's clear-eyed efforts reminded me of the work of his peer Nilaja Sun." - Hilton Als, The New Yorker

“An engaging and immersive experience through an alluring mind.”

“It’s a high-octane, radical experience of a solo drama, a refreshing piece of experimentation in a form so often filled with monotonous self-aggrandizement.” - AmericanTheaterWeb Original News & Reviews

“An excellent exercise in solo performance, offering reflections on the ways an illness can define us, restrict us, connect us, and even create a community. “ - New York Theatre Review

“Comfort and fellow creator and director Kel Haney escort audiences into his psyche, neither asking for pity nor promising false hope, in a sensitive comedy sure to educate and entertain.”

“Audiences are drawn inside the multisensory experience of a person with TS.” - Theatre Pizzazz

“Kel Haney... made this evening move with an alacrity often missed in one-person pieces.”

“All the elements knit together to create a piece that illuminates one of the most visible things that a person carries with him into his life, but it further made this reviewer ponder all the unseen tics and experiences that follow each and every one of us into every cranny we enter.” - Edge Media Network

“Lovely theatricality.” - Theatre is Easy


The Recommendation                   

The Flea

August 23 - October 7, 2013

"In an electric production... this unfailingly intelligent and brutally funny play takes the old saying, "It's not what you know, but whom you know," and explodes it in a conflagration of business cards and white liberal guilt.

"Efficiently directed by Kel Haney, The Recommendation offers a compelling two hours of thought-provoking theater with very few visible resources." - Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

"Caren manages a great deal of complexity in these three men, Kel Haney's direction is impeccable and Bass is nothing less than captivating." - Brad Schreiber, The Huffington Post

"This is a gem of a cast that has been directed by the silky, smooth hand of director Kel Haney. "

"Jonathan Caren’s play... is relevant, real and revealing as it insightfully gives pause to class and racial issues, secrets, friendships, trust, and illusions with a humorous bent." - Sandi Durrell, Theater Pizzazz

"Kel Haney smoothly navigates the slipperiness of time and place within the script with subtle staging and clever collaboration between Nick Solyom’s lights, simple costume distinctions by designer Sydney Maresca, endlessly inventive but minimal set pieces by Caite Hevner Kemp." - Joseph Samuel Wright, Theater Is Easy

"Neither preachy nor soft, Caren's play at The Flea Theater, directed by Kel Haney, examines notions of privilege, justice and friendship through the lens of race."

"That's what makes The Recommendation the best type of modern morality play. It's one that makes few recommendations or condemnations, but rather poses questions that are bound to linger in the minds of audiences. It's ambiguity at its head-scratching, impervious best, just the sort of nuanced, levelheaded tale we need to navigate the complicated times in which we live. " - Jordan G. Tiecher, CurtainUp

"Caren is well served by Kel Haney's fast-paced production, which features three equally strong performances." - David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

"Caren and director Kel Haney do well in building a sense of fear and loathing throughout the two or so hours of the play. "

"The Recommendation touches deftly on familiar issues of race, class, and power that may shift slightly from decade to decade but remain–sadly–timeless. It’s also a damn good yarn." - Mark Dundas Wood, Simply Showbiz

"Haney keeps the pace quick with excitement..."

"In an electric production... this unfailingly intelligent and brutally funny play takes the old saying, "It's not what you know, but whom you know," and explodes it in a conflagration of business cards and white liberal guilt." -


Interviewing Miss Davis

Marathon - Ensemble Studio Theatre

June 2010

“... Interviewing Miss Davis” by Laura Maria Censabella makes the strongest impression.” - Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

“…director Kel Haney keep the battles fun and the pace furious.” - Clifford Lee Johnson III, Backstage

“This brief excursion through Davis's private life, intentionally set during the year when her real-life daughter published a scandalous memoir, is flamboyant and fun.” - Deirdre Donovan, CurtainUp

“There are amusing hi-jinks and winning performances by the three: Harrington nails the stern, demanding star; Adria Vitlar’s elegance brings to mind a brunette Grace Kelly; and Claire Siebers is pointedly clumsy and perceptive—good job, with Kel Haney at the helm.” - Diana Barth, The Epoch Times


The Consequences

Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre

June - July 2012

"This cast sparkles under Kel Haney’s deft direction."

"The Consequences” isn’t your mother’s or grandmother’s musical, although I suspect they would enjoy the show, too."

"It makes for a thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining evening you won’t want to miss." - Laurie Higgins, Cape Cod Times

“Here’s one way to lure seemingly aversive young audiences into theater seats: Bring the rock concert to them, even on a modest scale... There are plenty of marvelous moments to savor along the way: for instance, the song ‘Mr. Walker’ in which Jeremy plots revenge against his life force-draining boss by means of escalating paper-clip pilferage, and Ellie’s post-traumatic lament about a spate of soulless sex, ‘All That You’re Touching Is Skin.’ In fact, all of the songs are terrific... Lighthearted as it may seem on the surface, this mini-musical proves surprisingly insightful when it comes to the choices we all must face on the road to adulthood.” - Sandy MacDonald, Boston Globe

“It’s like going to a bar, seeing a live band and hearing a story all at once. Think of liner notes coming to life while you listen to a new album—except it's live.” - Susan Blood, IO Cape Cod


Good Egg

Red Fern Theatre Company

October - November 2011

"Kel Haney made great use of the space and created some evocative stage pictures... The production design was visually interesting and enhanced the plot. Performance-wise, Day and McCabe did a magnificent job with the piece...The Red Fern Theatre Company created a strong production." - Trish Vignola, Broadway World

"In director Kel Haney's hands, the audience understands bipolar disorder from all sides: observer, participant, creative, muted, pain, joy." - Cindy Pierre, Stage and Cinema

"Guided by an incisive script and Kel Haney's daring direction, McCabe's gigantically physical performance rings like clanging bells, insisting on making us understand, feel what it's like." - Jon Sobel, BC Blog Critics

“Kel Haney's direction is clean and clear…” - Theater Is Easy

"Director Kel Haney has firm control over the emotional barometer of the play, deftly easing us into the siblings’ calm, almost perfect world, before transforming it without warning into a raging sea of emotional tumult." - Anjali Koppal and Saurabh Paranjape,The Happiest Medium


Hollow Log

Peter Kay and Illumination Productions

January 2019

"Boyle and Roberts are both giving fun performances under Kel Haney's direction. Boyle in particular has the goofy masculine energy of a Judd Apatow hero, convinced that watching movies and smoking pot constitutes a life well lived." - Backstage

"Cleverly directed by Kel Haney, Hollow Log is a very well paced, somewhat comedic thriller… it is a smart, engaging play." - J.B. Spins