The ELEPHANT In every room i enter

created by Gardiner Comfort & kel haney 

Next Door at New York Theater Workshop

November 2018

La MaMa

October 2014



"Last month, I went to La Mama to check out The Elephant in Every Room I Enter, a performance piece starring the actor and dance Gardiner Comfort. The story was unusual, in that its subject was Tourette's syndrome - a condition Comfort was born with. In the course of the well-put-together show - there was nothing self-indulgent about it - Comfort described going to a Tourette's conference in Washington, D.C., an occasion he illustrated with a level of care that was striking, not least because the performance was devoid of sentimentality. Comfort's clear-eyed efforts reminded me of the work of his peer Nilaja Sun."       

-Hilton Als, The New Yorker

"The Elephant in Every Room I Enter is an extraordinary feat of storytelling and a brave act of turning oneself inside out. It doesn’t normalize the disorder, but rather translate it into movements, stories, images, all of which are what expedite understanding."

-Ran Xia, Exeunt

“ An engaging and immersive experience through an alluring mind.”

“It’s a high-octane, radical experience of a solo drama, a refreshing piece of experimentation in a form so often filled with monotonous self-aggrandizement.”

- AmericanTheaterWeb Original News & Reviews

“An excellent exercise in solo performance, offering reflections on the ways an illness can define us, restrict us, connect us, and even create a community. “

-New York Theatre Review

“Comfort and fellow creator and director Kel Haney escort audiences into his psyche, neither asking for pity nor promising false hope, in a sensitive comedy sure to educate and entertain.”

“Audiences are drawn inside the multisensory experience of a person with TS.”

-Theatre Pizzazz

“Kel Haney... made this evening move with an alacrity often missed in one-person pieces.”

“All the elements knit together to create a piece that illuminates one of the most visible things that a person carries with him into his life, but it further made this reviewer ponder all the unseen tics and experiences that follow each and every one of us into every cranny we enter.”

-Edge Media Network

“Lovely theatricality.”

-Theatre is Easy




CREATED BY: Gardiner Comfort & Kel Haney

FEATURING: Gardiner Comfort

PROJECTION & SCENIC DESIGN: Cait Hevner Kemp & Lianne Arnold



SOUND DESIGN: Elisheba Ittoop

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